My Little Sister, A Play by Carlos Francisco Asse

Date: March 13 and 20

Time: 7:00 pm

Venue: Hippodrome Cinema - Second Stage


a very dark comedy

After a successful reading at the Thomas Center Spanish Court, in Gainesville, Florida, the workshop production of My Little Sister a very dark comedy, a play by Carlos Francisco Asse, comes to life in the Second Stage (Cinema) of The Hippodrome Theatre, for two nights only. My Little Sister is a slice of life in the story of Anita and Nena, sisters that still live together at the tender age of 85 and 82 years old. It is told in three scenes and one epilogue; when Anita, 85, has spent eight long years being a caregiver to her younger sister, Nena, 82,  after she suffered a mild stroke. We are witnessed to their daily routine, which is both pathetically funny and touching as their conflicts come to the fore with semi-tragic consequences.

Carlos Francisco Asse author of the piece also takes the reins as its director with the help of Carolyn Caracausa and Jan Cohen creating the roles of Anita and Nena, respectively. Lighting by Robert P. Robins; costumes by Marilyn Wall; properties by Lorelei Esser; sound by Essa Solrac; and stage management by Sabrina Jones.

Dates: March 13 and 20, 7:00 pm

This event is hosted by The Hippodrome Theater.